Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gay Dating Etiquette 101

Whether it is the first date, the date of the second or even a hundredth, chances, you are still feeling a little uncomfortable, what should I do to best practices. Dating is already high voltage pressure situation, thanks to the label and stress out is even worse, but you're not familiar with it. I have several tips to facilitate the stress off and impress your date in successfully.

1. Never talk with your mouth for food

Nothing is uglier than talking part in a half-chewed meats, vegetables, Peas or beaten smashed potatoes with the mouthful.It is a gross and unsexiest case imagine. Actual on the screen to complete the always chewing. swallowing before responding.

2. Always bring a small gift

The stem rose could bring, if dating girls--but you can import the data into the flower is gay lover?Hmm ...What other stuff. a small token of my admiration is more suitable than a small box candy flowers. or chocolate but not sachet condom or small dildo, (only a joke. Do you import the content, you should?It is a nice way to start to) your date, regardless of is the first date or the date of the hundredth

3. don't drink too much

You can lose to "cool" through an intermediary, or more glasses and ruin your evening. Why do I need to drink the first date is too many causes.Select something from alcohol--a cup of coffee, after the meal is great and, above all, is most lost themselves stupid.

4. Tip very

Pay the tab, or go to the Greek, make sure that you leave a decent tip Server 10-15% is usual practice.

5. Not Ex-es story please

No wants to hear your Marina ex-es data.Regardless of how bad he is processed you can Dig it.. you are here you can start a new life in him, so you should not do
reduce his personal

6. Say your date at least one good thing

Oke. you do not have chemistry, whether you are planning to ensure another date or not, always provide your date at least one of the Nice sincere compli men t during the evening and is simply rude, saying, this is not the case.

7. Never in peace journals

He is hot and will not be able to stand for steal a kiss, but never push the issue may feel uncomfortable if he or she has., or reluctant, you need to be aware of him.

8. to bring enough money

Nothing can be more than those who do not have enough money to pay its own tab. embarrassing always bring money, if something goes wrong credit cards

9. don't be rude or too critical

If you say something nice, Don't say it. Dating is already enough without a date, which follows from what is going wrong or right all the time.

10. draws attention to him

No taint interest more quickly than roving eyes or to pay attention when he speaks of the error.Enter the client's son finished, he deserves attention.

11. economic problem-simply does not exist

Do not import it and is, if someone ask me how much can I earn per year is my first date and what is the point, if you ask how much is my car?
You wanna show? Better for will be lost.

12. can be used as a matter of fact,

Do not show, and you are trying to impress your date and how much money you make fabulous story. be honest, who you are. If he is interested in you--money is his second thought.

13. No phone call Check

Simply Close off and RUDE. Unless a fire on your House, do not take the call or make a phone call.

14. do not be late

The worst way to start your date will always be there previously. at least half an hour--if you are running behind, to give him a call simple courtesy Act; do not make him wait

15. make sure does not promise

Are dating from hell date and ends in the evening are difficult, do not Simply want to call him promise. pleasant evening and head home. If he ask you directly, be honest, but not rude. [] visit and find more tips for a gay dating tips for A longer one.

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